About us

Hello, welcome to Herboo!

We make kid's gardening and nature activities, delivered in letter-sized boxes to help you bring nature to life with your favourite little people. In the post, you'll receive monthly plants to grow, nature crafts and outdoor adventures to your local park, garden or green space. We also produce seed packets and sets for those that get really inspired to make a garden.

Herboo was founded in 2020 on a belief that the more kids we can get enjoying nature, the happier heads and earth we will have for our future to come. The stats say kids that are surrounded by green spaces are less likely to go onto adulthood developing mental illnesses and we know in a digital age, being able to switch off is a hard thing to do. 

So, we are building a good company, where everything we make starts with you and your kids. We want it to be exciting, want to know what they like to grow and how you wish we can make it easier for you. We believe in sparking imaginations, getting creative and enjoying life. We really believe you can make a garden anywhere, and you can do it for you, me and the bumblebees. 

Now we have you here, feel free to take a look around, get your hands on our products and let us know what you think.