Share Box - Monthly Subscription


Introduce your little ones to nature and gardening with our Monthly Share Nature Box. No outdoor space needed, we'll help with all the know-how and you can enjoy  "Look! The seeds have grown!", watching the afternoon play with their made craft or discovering of something special together in your local park.

Designed for 2 kids, Grow 2 plants, make 2 nature crafts and do lots of kids outside activities:

  • The best seeds and coir soil, to help make sure they grow
  • Easy grow and care guides for your sprouts
  • All materials you need for crafts 
  • 2 hours minimum of creative, fun, and exploring for 2 kids.
  • Supports their creativity and helps develop sensory and motor skills.
  • Most enjoyed for kids aged 3+
  • Cancel in one click, fit’s through the letterbox and free shipping

💌 Who doesn’t LOVE post? We know kids are just the same. We can address for you the box to your kids to receive.

🌎 Our box is fully recyclable, all materials are sustainably sourced and we are plastic-free.

🙋🏽We notify you 3 days before you are set to renew with links incase you want to skip, pause or cancel.

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